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Power Conditioning Systems

Save over 30% on Fluorescent Lighting

McKeon Group can specify, supply and fit a power conditioning system to your premises and help you save 30% or more on your lighting bill instantly.
Power Conditioning units work in-line with standard fluorescent light fittings, found everywhere from offices, to warehouses to schools. The results are instant and easily proven. See below a graph produced by our Carlo Gavazzi Energy Monitoring System – Powersoft.

Power Conditioning Systems

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The Image shows a 30.5% reduction in Active Power (kW) after the initial warm up period. The system was connected to fluorescent lighting in two offices. Both offices were switched on in the morning time and off again at lunch time. Only one office was switched back on after lunch. This test was carried out in a standard office environment in June 2009. Light fittings were a mixture of 600×600 (4 x 18Watt Tubes) and 1200×600 (4 x 36Watt Tubes) modular T8 Low Frequency Fittings.
The Power Conditioning Units come in various sizes and ratings from 12A to 32A. McKeon Group can specify the correct size units for your site and ensure that the load is evenly distributed accross a 3Phase system if present.

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