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Lighting Automation

McKeon Group can design and install a bespoke and fully integrated Lighting Automation system for your residential or commercial premises, helping you to reduce your energy consumption and cost.

The use of lighting control can help further extend the lamp life of the bulb.

The following chart briefly documents the trade off between dimmed levels versus energy savings and lamp life:

Percentage Dimmed Energy Saving Lamp Life Increase













Light | McKeon Lighting Automation

Lighting Management systems can result in further energy saving for commercial buildings:


The American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy Emerging Technologies Report Integrated Daylighting Systems reports theoretical savings of 52% for installing a control system. They further report that similar studies point to energy savings as follows:

  • Scheduling and light level tuning: 10–25%
  • Fewer fixtures or workstation control: 0–35%
  • Daylight harvesting: 12–17% (35% in daylit spaces)
  • Occupancy control: 15–35%
  • Variable load shedding: 15–20 % (peak only)
  • Encouraging users to set lighting to meet their requirements and not to be wasteful
  • Incorporating light sensors into a system which can measure the achieved lighting level. The measurement is then used to adjust the level to a pre planned value.
  • Incorporating presence sensors into the system which can detect human beings, thus ensuring that light is switched off in areas where nobody is present
  • Using timeclocks or programmable controllers to switch off lighting when it is known that it not going to be required

Warehouse Lighting – High Bay & Low Bay Induction Lights

McKeon Group can help you save thousands of euro per year by changing your warehouse or factory high bay or low bay lighting (SON, Metal Halide etc.) to Induction Lighting.

Visit our Induction Lighting Page for more information, including information on our new range of fittings specifically designed for the Irish market.