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Induction Lighting

Induction Lighting | McKeon Group

What Is Induction Lighting?
An induction lamp is a modified fluorescent light bulb. It is very different from a standard fluorescent tube in many ways.
Firstly the induction lamp has no electrodes and is started by the use of induction coils located on the outside of the lamp. The induction coil produces a very strong magnetic field which travels through the glass and excites the mercury atoms causing them to emit UV light which is then converted to visible light by the phosphor coating on the inside of the tube .
Induction lamps have many applications and are becoming more commonplace than ever before. Although the theory has been around for over a century (Nikola Tesla) we are only now able to mass produce this product at a cost that is acceptable to most end users.

Induction Light Advantages
The induction lamps and ballasts that McKeon Group use, come with a 5 Year manufacturers warranty and would be expected to last over an astonishing 100,000 hours in continuous service. They are instant start/re-strike, vibration resistant, maintenance free, will save an average of over 50% in real energy costs, emit better visual effective lumens than most other lamps, are 100% recyclable at end of life, use a solid amalgam mercury pellet instead of harmful liquid mercury found in almost every other type of fluorescent lighting. This can be removed safely from the product at the end of its life eliminating the need for costly waste disposal.

Induction lighting is used successfully in warehousing, manufacturing, floodlighting, street lighting, architectural lighting and many more.

McKeon Group can provide the installation and service of induction lighting and lamps.

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