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Energy Efficient Lighting

Energy Saving with Energy Efficient Lamps/ Fittings & Intelligent Lighting Controls.

Energy Efficient LightingLighting can account for up to two thirds of an annual electricity bill. It is sometimes difficult to imagine how much we use lighting and to understand how easy it is to use it more efficiently. McKeon Group can help you save up to 75% of your annual lighting bill. This can be achieved by changing how lighting is used, controlled and what type of lamps and fittings are in place. McKeon Group can carry out a full survey of your premises and make recommendations on how to reduce your energy bills. Finally we will produce a detailed quotation and payback schedule for all the lighting works required.

Pay back on most alterations can be between 6 months and two years. If you’re undertaking a new build, McKeon Group can design an energy efficient lighting system from day one. Browse our lighting links below for more information on how savings can be achieved and to view our different lighting solutions including Lighting Automation, Lighting Adapters, Induction Lighting, LED Lighting and Power Conditioning Systems.

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