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Accelerated Capital Allowance (ACA)

Accelerated Capital Allowance (ACA)

The Accelerated Capital Allowance (ACA) is a tax incentive introduced by the Government in the Finance Act, 2008 to encourage companies to buy energy-efficient equipment.

The Accelerated Capital Allowance is a tax incentive for companies paying corporation tax and aims to encourage investment in energy efficient equipment. The ACA offers an attractive incentive whereby it allows companies to write off 100% of the purchase value of specified energy efficient equipment against their profit in the year of purchase. (Source: Sustainable Energy Ireland)

McKeon Group supply and install many products which fall under the Accelerated Capital Allowance Scheme, including iLight and others. For a full list of ACA eligible equipment visit the Sustainable Energy Ireland website. Please Contact Us for more information on the ACA scheme.

For More Information on ACA visit the Sustainable Energy Ireland Website Here Accelerated Capital Allowance (ACA)