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Energy Audits and Surveys

McKeon Group can analyse your existing electrical infrastructure (lighting, heating, plant etc.) and provide you with a detailed report, quotation and proposal as to how you can reduce your energy bills and in turn reduce your Carbon Footprint (CO2 emissions) while increasing your buildings BER (Building Energy Rating).

The survey will be carried out on your premises by our team of qualified Engineers and Electricians. Simply making changes to how your heating is controlled or by making alterations to your light fittings (while keeping the same amount of light fittings in place) or using control systems to ensure rooms are only energized when in use, can save you thousands of Euro per year.

Unbiased Approach / Product Independent

We are not tied to any single manufacturer, so we can find a solution that best suits your premises usage budget.
We have the on-site experience to find and quantify savings you may have never thought possible by designing a bespoke, innovative solution.

See our case studies for examples of how we’ve helped businesses realise massive energy savings.

Contact Us and allow one of our engineers to demonstrate the real time energy wastage that is tying up your company’s cash!

Click here for information regarding available energy grants and supports.