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McKeon Group’s Technology Division supply and service all aspects of building automation systems for Hotels, Bars, Clubs & Restaurants including Audio Visual installations, Lighting Controls, Building Management Systems and more across Ireland, UK and Europe

A level of control and reporting you need to efficiently run your premises

Helping you create a luxurious user experience for your guests

McKeon Group’s Technology Division supply and service all aspects of building automation systems for Hotels, Bars, Clubs & Restaurants including Audio Visual installations, Lighting Controls, Building Management Systems and more across Ireland, UK and Europe. We help your guests feel relaxed and experience the ultimate in luxury and service while in your care irrespective of the size or type of venue.

Welcome Your Guests in Style

Welcome your guests into a world of personalised amenities with our hospitality solutions. As soon as your guests check in, their room can be automatically set to greet them with calming lights, relaxing music, and the blinds or curtains raised to display a gorgeous view. Once in the room, concierge services can introduce your guests to the property and the room’s capabilities, while offering hotel amenities and room service to begin their stay in comfort.

Conferences, Weddings, Meetings & More

McKeon Group can provide robust and unique configurations for all your rooms and event types allowing you to host top class events at your property while freeing up your staff to look after your guests rather than worrying about whether the projector or sound system will work.

Give your guests access to general control functions while restricting advanced system properties to your event organisers. 

Flexible Room Layouts – Join smaller rooms together into one large space or host multiple meetings. McKeon Group can design your Audio Visual system so that rooms can be re-configured at the touch of a button.

Easy Control of Meeting & Seminar Rooms

No more searching for the lost remote control, or fiddling with Audio & screen settings on systems which do not interact. Empower your guests to start meetings with the touch of a button. An intuitive display makes it easy for anyone to select content to present, adjust lighting and blinds, and even record meetings. With multi-window display, live annotation, and wireless presentation at your fingertips, your meeting & seminar rooms come alive.

Control Everything in your Hotel, Restaurant, Bar or Club

McKeon Group’s Service offerings extend to all aspects of your buildings including:

  • Projectors & Screens
  • Guest Room Televisions
  • Satellite & TV Distribution
  • Digital Signage
  • Room Signage
  • Video Conferencing
  • HVAC Control
  • Lights
  • Blinds & Curtains
  • CCTV & Security
  • Public Address & Background Music
  • Guest Bedroom Music
  • Guest WiFi & Networks

As a multi-disciplinary contractor our Construction, Electrical & Mechanical Divisions can work together to offer a full turn-key service to our clients.

Room Booking & Scheduling

Do more meeting and less planning with Crestron’s intelligent meeting room solutions. This unified system lets users reserve rooms on location or online — including integration with your existing scheduling platform (Microsoft Exchange, Google Calendar etc) — and define the perfect environmental setup in advance. Lighting, blinds, AV equipment, Video Conferencing equipment and more can be customized ahead of time, so meetings get started on time and without hassle. 

Room booking panels outside your Meeting Rooms and Conference rooms can clearly state the Name of Meeting and Client in session, making it easy for your guests to find the correct room.

Wireless Presentation Systems

Collaborate without leaving your seat — our simple and secure solutions are designed to help your team get more done. Crestron wireless technology allows multiple participants to view, control, and collaborate on a presentation using nearly any laptop or smart device. Multiple laptops can also connect using our wired solution, making it easy to switch between presenters on the fly.

Quad View collaboration – Up to 32 people can connect to AirMedia at the same time in the same room. Each person simply pushes the “show me” button to display content from his or her device. In Quad View mode, up to four presenters’ content can be displayed simultaneously, making true collaboration possible.

Moderator mode – In moderator mode, presenters and instructors can easily control the room and prevent “presentation chaos.” Just select whose content to share and whose content to not share, all from the AirMedia web page or Crestron touch screen.

Remote View – For very large meeting spaces where the display can be difficult to see, Remote View enables up to 40 participants either at the back of the room or in other locations to log in from a web browser to view the presentation on their mobile devices.


Integrated, Intelligent & Connected Systems

Maintaining all of these systems is of paramount importance, Hotels, Conference Centres and Clubs have no tolerance for downtime and McKeon Group Understand this. We ensure that only quality equipment is installed from the start, extended warranties & spares holdings are in place and through our maintenance contracts we offer response times of down to 2 Hours.

In Conjunction with this, the system must be monitored for faults before they become a Problem. Crestron Fusion is the smart way to integrate disparate systems across campus on one platform. Network all of your multimedia, environmental, and room-scheduling technology using your existing IT infrastructure, and Crestron Fusion™ enterprise management platform will let you monitor and control these systems together from anywhere. No matter the campus size, Crestron Fusion will save you time and money with easier and more efficient management of your resources.

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