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As one of Ireland’s most responsible contractors, we recognise that our actions have an impact on our environment. As a result, we are committed to minimising the impact of these actions to ensure a more sustainable future for us all. We take a proactive approach which is in accordance with good industry practice. Our aim is to continually work to eliminate pollution and minimise the environmental effects from both our onsite and office based activities, while also encouraging our customers and partners to do so too. Our Electrical Division places a focus on efficient energy solutions and as such, we operate with as low a carbon footprint as possible in every aspect of our business.

We strive to lead the way in sustainable construction by assisting businesses and consumers in reducing their carbon footprint through energy saving solutions. All our building projects are in accordance with international environmental standards and we continually research new technologies and energy saving solutions and advise our clients on these advances.


We have an environmental policy in place which can be downloaded here.

Office Premises:

At Mckeon Group, we have a green policy implemented amongst office staff whereby they have responsibility for the responsible use of energy in the workplace and of office waste management.

Our office premises was refit in 2009 with Solar Powered Hot Water system, low energy lighting, pump in cavity wall insulation and a new high efficiency boiler was installed. As a result, this 30 year old office building now has a B3 BER rating.

Our office waste management policy is centred around the reduce, reuse, recycle and responsible disposal principle. We provide the necessary recycling bins both on site and in our offices.


Where possible we strive to use locally sourced materials and products. We have a transport policy in place throughout our fleet of vehicles ensuring non-essential journeys do not take place, car pooling is utilised where possible and lower average speeds are maintained during long distance driving.


McKeon Group strive to recommend ‘green’ low energy & Energy Star compliant products to our clients whenever possible.