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McKeon Construction CSR Policy


Building a Better Future – 5 Point Plan

McKeon Group, places a strong emphasis on our responsibilities to our clients and our community. Since the company’s foundation we have conducted our business with the highest levels of integrity at all times. We believe that it is this ethical conduct  that has brought us to where we are today.  We recognise that today more than ever it’s not enough to provide customers with an excellent service, we must also be concerned with our relationship with society at large and the environment. As a result, our goal is to run a responsible business, going beyond what is required of us by law, leading by example while also protecting and enhancing our stakeholders needs. Our aim is to be perceived as a good corporate citizen and particularly to be recognised as an environmentally responsible business.  To achieve this goal we have developed our Building a Better Future five point Plan which covers five areas: Environment, Marketplace, Workplace, Community and Quality.