Carbon Taxes Introduced in Budget 2010 – See How you can Beat the Carbon Tax

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On Wednesday the 9th December 2009 the Minister for Finance, Mr. Brian Lenihan, delivered the 2010 Budget speech, and revealed the government’s plans for the new Carbon Tax.

A summary of the Carbon Tax is as follows:

  • A Carbon Tax of €15 per tonne is being introduced as follows
  • Petrol will increase by 4.2 cent per litre from midnight on 9th December 2009
  • Diesel will increase by 4.9 cent per litre from midnight on 9th December 2009
  • Home heating oil & gas will increase by 8.7% and 6% respectively. This change will come into effect on 1st May 2010.

These taxes will have an effect on everybody from householders to businesses. The Carbon Tax on fossil fuels will filter through and be seen on Electricity bills and Heating Bills.

Depending on your usage of energy, this could add anywhere from a couple of Hundred of Euro per year (Households) to Thousands of Euro per year (Medium to Large Companies).

Now is the perfect opportunity to reduce your energy consumption and not only save on Energy but, also, by saving your CO2 emissions, you will be less effected by the new Carbon Tax.

This tax is only set to rise in the next few years and has already been condemned by environmental groups, such as Friends of the Earth, for being too low.
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