Ashbourne Oxfam 6km Charity Run

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Sunday 26th August


McKeon Group Sponsor Ashbourne Oxfam 6km Charity Run

The event was a massive success and was enjoyed by so many people. The entire event was very family orientated and it helped greatly that the weather was beautiful on the morning of the race.

We were a little nervous as to how many competitors we would have entering the race but with some hard work from the whole team on the promotion of the race (through local media, flyers, radio, road signs and facebook), we attracted 110 entrants and their families! The buzz created on the day was infectious and the feedback has been extremely positive. Here are just some of the comments received on the race facebook page:

  1. “Great event. Really enjoyed it. Can’t beat running past your house!!! Very well organised.
    Definitely put it on next year please!!!” – Vinny Mulvey (overall winner)
  2. “Thanks for a great morning,really well organised. Came in at 32mins, pretty happy with that, my husband did it in 27mins, need to beat his ass next year!! Fair play guys”. – Lisa Farrell
  3. “Fair play to you guys! That was really well organised! Well looked after and a great morning! Hope it’s going to be annual” – Mike Andrews
  4. “Brilliant event and very well organized. Definitely need to make it an annual event! Want to beat my time next year!! Hope you raised loads today!” – Ciara Andrews

The winners on the day were as follows:



1st – Vinny Mulvey – 19:15

2nd – Shane Boyle – 20:24

3rd – John Lally – 22:20


1st – Emma Cooper – 22:31

2nd – Helen White – 23:10

3rd – Yvonne Stringer – 24:08